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3 Ideas For Children's Activities At Weddings | Timeless Wedding Designs | South Florida Wedding Planner

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Having children at your wedding can be a wonderfully innocent addition to your big day in sooo many unexpected ways. You never really can predict what children are going to do and when, so having activities already prepared for them can hinder any kinds of boredom that little ones can experience at adult festivities! Because yuck, did they just kiss?!  How disgusting!
  1. Customized Activity Kits For Kids
    As a teacher-turned-wedding planner, this one was a no-brainer for my company. If there are two things I know, they are kids and weddings! Creating customized activity kits for kids is so super easy and can be a cost-effective way to entertain the youngin's while the adults are mingling and enjoying themselves. These kits often include things like these customized coloring books that I found on Etsy for just $3.33 for a download! Tie together some crayons with ribbon that matches your decor and cover the childrens' table in butcher paper for the kids to color on. Bubbles are a soft and feminine addition to an outdoor wedding for adults and children and can be found at almost any drug store. Whatever your vision for your wedding is, you can surely find small things to match it.
  2. Yard Games
    Here in the South, this one is kind of a given. Almost all outdoor venues have some type of yard games included in their packages at no additional cost! Two of my personal favorites are Corn Hole and Horse Shoes, and the great part is that if your venue doesn't already include these types of games, you can build them to suit your personal theme and keep them as a memento of your wedding day. Win-win!

  3.  Dance Contests
    One of the most awkward parts of the evening is that dull fifteen minutes or so after dinner when everyone has a full tummy and the first round of exciting activities (read: bouquet tosses and garter removals) has yet to begin. As a wedding planner, I never worry too much about the dance floor because the flow tends to be the same for every wedding, but our clients always get a little nervous about whether or not their guests are having a good time. Trust me, they are! After people have eaten and before they've gotten that first stroke of fun confidence, most of your guests are just waiting for a que about what will happen next. Children rarely wait for ques! In fact, they tend to be the very first ones to hit the dance floor during wedding receptions, so why not get the evening going with a children's dance off? The winner gets a little bouquet of flowers, and the adults don't have to feel so awkward about their dance moves! 
Do you have any other ideas for children at weddings? What kinds of activities did you provide for the kids on your big day? Let us know in the comments... You could get a shout out!

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