Thursday, July 28, 2016

Why We Focus On The Love Story Behind Our Weddings | Timeless Wedding Designs | South Florida Wedding Planner

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I am sure that you can imagine that we have truly seen it all as wedding planners. For sure I thought that I had seen it all until I meet with some of my fellow Certified Wedding Planners and they tell me the crazy stories of events they have coordinated; there is no doubt that no two events will ever be alike.

Then I see TV shows like Bridezillas and Four Weddings and I wonder how we ever got to this. Weddings are supposed to be a celebration of love and devotion, but have somehow turned into a show of wealth and entertainment, like most things have in our modern world. The typical bride is nothing like the brides portrayed on Bridezillas, and I would love to meet the guest who sits and judges another person's wedding like the brides in Four Weddings. Sure, these are television shows and are meant to be dramatic and entertaining, but they have truly changed the way many of us feel about weddings.

When I started Timeless Wedding Designs, I can't help but think that I probably felt the same way. I was more interested in the show, the way the venue looked, and whether or not every bride was looking for the type of wedding I was interested in planning. What made me a great wedding designer and planner is also what made me want out of this industry about a year ago, although I am so glad that I did not leave it all behind. Instead, I chose to change the brand of my company to embody my own beliefs and morals, and I knew that those who felt the same way would eventually find me as well.

Although I am not married, I have an enormous network of married friends and past clients who tell me every day how wonderful it is; the pitfalls match the high points and the wonder of being with your soulmate every day is unmatched by anything this whole world could ever offer them. After the wedding comes your marriage, and I wanted to make sure that the clients I was taking on fully understood that their wedding is the beginning of their marriage and not a one day event, and I wanted them to know that I fully understand that as well. We started doing the Love Is Timeless campaign to reflect that and so far I feel it has been a great success. Every day I receive more and more emails from couples wanting to share their love story with us and it truly makes my heart so full to see how many people have found their soulmates in this crazy world.

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