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Unique Ideas For Flower Girls And Ring Bearers | Timeless Wedding Designs | West Palm Beach and Wilmington Wedding Planners

Rick & Jeff served as ushers at Karyn & Bryan's wedding back in February at The Mansion at Tuckahoe in Jensen Beach, but Sebo & Kona (Karyn & Bryan's dogs) served as the ring bearers! Photo by RJ Hill Photography.

With wedding industry trends constantly growing and changing, brides and grooms can go crazy trying to find new and unique ways to make their wedding their own. A recent trend that I have seen is a big change in who gets to be the ring bearer or the flower girl - if couples choose to have them at all.

As I was perusing Pinterest yesterday (okay, every day) I noticed a wedding photo where the flower girls were actually the bride's grandmothers! I thought that this was such a beautiful way to honor the bride's grandmothers; they looked so whimsical and young, like it was also one of the happiest days of their lives. It also came to me that this would be a great way for couples who are choosing not to have children in their wedding ceremony to still have flower girls and ring bearers.

Back in February I had the pleasure of coordinating a wedding at the Mansion at Tuckahoe in Jensen Beach, Florida, that involved a little twist on the traditional ring bearer. Karyn and Bryan have two dogs, Sebo and Kona, that they wanted to involve in their wedding ceremony, so they dressed them up all super cute and made them into ring bearers. The ushers held the dogs at the back of the ceremony until the officiant, the bride's grandmother, said, "Who presents the rings?" At that time, the groom whistled for the dogs and they took off down the aisle to sit next to the bride and groom for the remainder of the ceremony.

Photo by Maryel Rivera Photography.
 If you are a little less than traditional but still want to have a flower girl, consider having her throw something other than flower petals. If you are getting married near the ocean, your flower girl may sprinkle sand or drop starfish on the edges of your aisle, although I do not recommend this for very young flower girls as you will probably be stepping on starfish all the way down the aisle. If you are having an indoor ceremony with a Winter Wonderland theme, consider having the flower girl toss paper snowflakes in the air!

Your wedding is a celebration of love and families coming together as one. Nothing is out-of-bounds at your wedding, so you can keep it as unique or traditional as you like. If you have more ideas for a new twist on the traditional flower girl or ring bearer, feel free to drop them in the comments below! I would love to hear about them.

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