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5 Unique Guest Book Ideas | Timeless Wedding Designs | Orlando Wedding Planners

Photo provided by Maryel Rivera Photography.

Is the idea of having guests sign a book that - let's be honest - you probably aren't really going to look at again making you feel queasy?

I get why guest books are important, and I am sure you do too! Of course you want to remember who attended your wedding and collect words of wisdom and advice from those you love oh, so much. I have seen some pretty awesome guest book ideas over the past few years, and I've put them all together here to get your little thinker thinkin'!

P O S T   C A R D S

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Are you a travel aficionado dreaming of a wanderlust themed wedding? Or are you traveling abroad to tie the knot? Karyn & Bryan were! Even if you have only dreamed of traveling to far away places to start your happily ever after, having your guests sign post cards is always a favorite. Often your guests will write you messages on the back, too! For an added bonus, have your wedding planner collect them at the end of the night and mail them to your house while you are on your honeymoon! Who doesn't love getting post cards in the mail?

A   G L O B E

On another traveling note, having your guests sign a globe is a fun way to remember your wedding and your wedding guests while adding to the decor of both your wedding and your office! Plus, globes come in many, many different colors, sizes, and metals, so there is no doubt that you can find one to match your style.

W A L L   D E C O R

Photo by Maryel Rivera Photography.
Naomi & John had their guests sign this pretty anchor at their seaside themed wedding! Guests left them fun and loving messages as a reminder of their wedding day that they will get to see every day. Other items that have caught my eye are records, custom pieces with the bride and groom's names, and maps!


Is Belle from Beauty and The Beast your spirit princess? If you're a bookworm like me, having your guests sign an actual book could be right for you! The wonderful thing about this one is that it will fit into almost any vision for your wedding. The older and more antique-y the book looks, the better it will be!

P O L A R O I D   P I C T U R E S

Another unique idea that will also entertain your guests is a Polaroid Picture album! Leave out a Polaroid camera, some colorful pens, and stickers for your guests and the result is endless fun and a book full of memories for you to look at for years to come. Plus, imagine looking at this book at your 50th wedding anniversary! Ha!

Photo by Tiffany Danielle Photography.

What kinds of interesting guest books have you seen at weddings?

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