Friday, February 23, 2018

Emoji Themed 9th Birthday Party | Timeless Wedding Designs | Fort Pierce Event Planners


Oh, how times have changed! Back when I was having my ninth birthday, emojis hadn't even been invented yet! I will not say how long ago that was, either.

I will say, however, how much fun I had decorating the Fire House Center for Alivia and Danasia's joint ninth birthday party, which was a blast! Of course I had to sneak a few cell phone pictures in before we revealed the room to the girls; I'll have to show these off in twenty years when something new and exciting replaces the emoji!


The party was complete with a custom balloon "photobooth" station and custom emoji props, all made by Timeless Wedding Designs. We had to get a little crafty around the dessert table to cover up an educational poster on the wall, but it was nothing a few emoji cut-outs couldn't fix!

The kids got to make their own slime and emoji masks at the creation station located on this wall. We thought it would be a great place to give them some inspiration while their little imaginations ran wild!

Like I said, I took these photos before we revealed the room to the girls, so that is why there are so few gifts on the gift tables! Don't worry, though - plenty of presents covered the gift tables once guests began to arrive!

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