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6 Things To Think About If You Are Considering Having Your Wedding At A Private Estate | Timeless Wedding Designs | West Palm Beach and Orlando Wedding Planners

Private estates have become increasingly popular as wedding and event venues these past few years. Undoubtedly they are gorgeous and add an unique element to your wedding that few others will get to claim! Here are a few tips you should keep in mind if you are considering having your wedding at a private estate.

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As the only wedding professional who will be at your wedding venue all day long, I tend to find out where my "essentials," like bathrooms and fire extinguishers, are right away! If you are planning to have more than 100 guests attend your wedding, it's a good idea to rent extra bathrooms because most private estates cannot accommodate the needs of that many people. If the first thing that comes to your mind is a port-a-potty, try thinking more along the lines of luxury bathroom rentals! They tend to be much more comfortable than the green outhouses you see at construction sites. 

C A T E R I N G   A N D   G A R B A G E   C A N S

Catering space can become a huge issue for some caterers who are not equipped to work out of small (or no) spaces. Make sure to let your catering team know beforehand what kind of kitchen they will be working out of - and don't forget to include how much refrigerator space they will have! They may need that space for chilling cheeses or champagne. 

Bringing extra garbage cans and garbage bags is also a good idea! You'll be surprised by how much will need to be thrown away on the day of your wedding.

R A I N   C O V E R A G E

I always recommend having a tent rental company on stand-by for weddings at private estates because the Plan B for rain tends to be not-so-comfortable! Fitting that many people into a house when it's raining tends not to work out as wonderfully as you could envision it. Plus, it's just not very safe, which brings us to my next point...

L A W S   A N D   O R D I N A N C E S

Double-check with the home owner and the local police station for 
  • sound ordinances regarding what decibels are allowed at what times for the DJ.
  • how many people are allowed on a property at a time before it becomes an issue with the Fire Marshall.
  • what options are available for legal parking.

Photo by Tiffany Danielle Photography.


Always get wedding insurance, even if you are not hosting your wedding at a private estate. Should anything happen at all, you might be covered and you won't have to pay for the broken window that one of your guests' plus ones accidentally fell through. Plus, the home owner's insurance may not cover it, and that could mean major cash out of your honeymoon budget.

L I G H T I N G   

With all of your guests outside and with most receptions happening after the sun has set, lighting tends to become an important issue. Warm lighting tends to work really well for professional photos, and market lighting has become very popular! Stringing market lights over the reception space can greatly transform the "mood" of your wedding space. However, never make any changes to someone else's property without their prior permission, and I always recommend hiring a professional to install event lighting!

Photo by Tiffany Danielle Photography.

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