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What Are Vendor Meals? | Timeless Wedding Designs | West Palm Beach and Wilmington Wedding Planners

W H A T   I S   A   V E N D O R   M E A L ?

In short, a "vendor meal" is the food you supply to your hired vendors on the day of your wedding, usually the same food your caterer is serving to your guests but not always the same depending upon what is available at the time.

W H Y   D O   I   N E E D   T O   I N C L U D E   V E N D O R   M E A L S ?

Most of the time, a vendor meal is required from each vendor who will be there for the entirety of your event. Even if some vendors have neglected to include the meal in their contract, it is common courtesy and good practice to feed those who are providing a service to you. Your vendors are working hard and will probably start getting hungry!

W H Y   D O N ' T   V E N D O R S   B R I N G   T H E I R   O W N   F O O D ?

Actually, some vendors do if they have special dietary restrictions. However, imagine if your Planner and their staff, your DJ and their staff, your Photographer and their second shooter, your Cinematographer, and your Bartenders all brought their own lunchboxes to your venue and put them in the Caterer's refrigerator. Essentially there would be no room left for the Caterer to store what needed to be kept cool for your guests, and all of that money you just spent on each individual guest would be losing it's value.

So why not bring items that don't need to be refrigerated? ...Because the likelihood that your vendors are going to be able to find a place to put their food where the guests won't see it but where it will be safe and in the view of the vendor is very, very unlikely.

S O   W H O   N E E D S   A   M E A L ?

Any vendor who is providing a service to your wedding and will be there for more than four hours needs a meal.
 - the DJ (and staff)
 - each Band member, if you have one
 - the Planner (and staff)
 - the Photographer (and staff)
 - the Bartenders
 - the Cinematographer
 - the Venue Coordinator

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