Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Day In The Life Of A Wedding Planner | Attempting to Multitask | Timeless Wedding Designs | West Palm Beach and Wilmington Wedding Planners

During Joti & Jamie's wedding at the Mansion at Tuckahoe in Stuart last weekend I attempted to do something a little crazy...

To show the world how much we actually do on the wedding day, I came up with the fabulous idea that we should start a live feed of the Timeless Wedding Designs team setting up and decorating a wedding venue, starting with my first cup of coffee in the morning and ending with the final check of the venue before we approve lock-up for the night. My vision wasn't to have a continuous live feed for the entire day; I was thinking more like little tidbits here and there on our Instagram story that showed some of the more important parts of the day.

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor
A quick snapshot of our sweetheart table set-up at the Mansion at Tuckahoe.

Here's the issue - during the more important parts of the day, I'm super busy. So that didn't exactly go to plan.

However, I would love for you all to see what I see every time we set up a wedding, coordinate it, and then breakdown that same wedding that night. I really, truly feel in my heart that no matter how long I sit here and try to explain all of the work we do, it would not be the same as all of you actually experiencing it with us.

So when we get to the American-Portuguese Cultural Society of the Palm Beaches on Saturday for Erika & Cole's wedding, I promise that I will attempt to bring all of you along with me via Instagram to see what I see as much as I can!

In the meantime, I will be working on timelines, floor plans, and binders for all of our upcoming weddings in March, continuing my journey of attempting to go vegan, and trying not to lose my sanity along the way!

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