Friday, November 11, 2016

Love Is Timeless | Joti & Jamie | Timeless Wedding Designs | Stuart Wedding Planner

"How we met was pretty unorthodox; I was at a friends house and we were trying to kill our boredom, so I suggested we go on Chat Roulette. For those of you who have never heard of that, it's a website where you can video chat with people from all over the world. We managed to find ourselves talking to a lovely group of guys - my fiancé (Jamie) being one of them. We chatted for hours and decided to get off of that website and Skype instead. By the end of that night, we all added each other on Facebook and every once in awhile Jamie and I would message each other to say, "Hey, check out this song" or, "How are you?" ...Only because it was really cool to know a person from a different country. Messaging every now and then turned into an every day thing, which led to Skyping pretty much any second we had free. To make a long, detailed story short, he ended up visiting me in the U.S. a year later. From then on, he would make visits to me every few months or so, whenever he could.

To give you a taste of some probably boring, but cute details, he was my first boyfriend, first kiss, and first everything. Three years into our relationship, I finally was able to afford a trip to England to visit him and his family. I stayed with them over Christmas and New Years and it was just as cute and cliche as you're probably imagining it. Also being from Florida, it was my first cold winter!

Fast forward to about 5 years into our relationship and Jamie popped the question. On April 25, 2016, to be exact. Leading up to the proposal was a bunch of 'firsts.' In the morning we went to the first beach we ever went to together, then he took me out to lunch to the first restaurant we ate at together, then we ended the day on a romantic walk at the first trail we ever walked on together. At the end of the trail is a gazebo with a cute, little rocking bench and that's where he proposed!

He actually came to visit me a day earlier than I thought, surprising me, of course, which was crazy. The reason behind that was because after he landed at the airport, he went to my Dad's house and asked him for his permission to marry me. (Being all traditional and such.)

Now, we are currently working on our Fiancé Visa so he can live here permanently, and our wedding is scheduled for February 20, 2017. I'm excited that after nearly six years, we won't need to be apart anymore; no more of that rotten feeling in my gut as I say goodbye to him at the airport, or not being about to simply hold hands whenever we want. It'll be a breath of fresh air and we are both excited to start a new chapter together.

To end this, I just wanted to let people know that long distance relationships are not hard. They are doable and totally worth it if that person is worth it. It may suck at some points because you can't always be physically there for that person, but always keep looking forward to the future and think of how amazing it'll be with them when all of this is over. Rid yourself of those doubts and just jump. It takes patience but the reward is a gold mine."

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