Thursday, May 19, 2016

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Love is timeless.

As a wedding planning and coordination company, we are talking about and thinking about weddings all day long. Everything we do revolves around having the perfect wedding day for every couple who hires us. I got to thinking recently, though, that weddings are about so much more than the flowers and the cake and the rings - they are a true celebration of love.

Our new segment, Love Is Timeless, is going to be about just that. When someone hires me, it's likely that I've already heard their love story and Facebook stalked them to the point of knowing things about them that they may not even know themselves; it's all good! But there's nothing like hearing the well-thought-out response that comes from a person when you ask them, "Why do you love your partner?"

Our first couple that we are featuring is from right here in Wilmington, North Carolina, and we have been planning with them for years now! Yes, years. Ashley and Jimmy will be married in April 2018, but for now, here is there love story.

"Jimmy and I met the summer of 2009, he had just graduated and I was going into 11th grade, but it was not love at first sight. Our younger sisters were the best of friends and I would hang out with them on some occasions; Jimmy and I began hanging out as well, which led to us becoming great friends who would just talk for hours on end while walking around the community we lived in. I went back to Florida but we still talked all the time and upon my return to North Carolina the next summer we began dating seriously.

Five and half years later on a cold rainy December 23rd, 2015 Jimmy asked me to go to The George while I was stuffing my face, watching TV, and eating Baba Ghannoj late that evening. I obliged although I thought it was strange! We arrive to The George but it was closed. So we went to Lula's Pub, which is an underground hole in the wall; we had a few drinks and left. I was cold, so I asked Jimmy for his jacket before we departed the bar and he told me no, which was weird but I thought nothing of it. As we went into the cold rain I mentioned how much water was running down the sidewalk and began walking to the truck. As I grabbed the handle to the passenger door I heard Jimmy say, "Honey, will you..." As I turned around I thought, "I know he is not asking me to marry him!" There Jimmy was: knee on the sidewalk with rain pouring down asking me to marry him! I was so speechless it took me a moment and then some to answer, "OF COURSE!!!"

I know Jimmy is the one because I am happier than I ever even dreamed of being, in my wildest dreams never imagined someone as great as him. I never smiled and laughed as big as I do now before I met Jimmy. He is my best friend and he loves me so whole-heartedly. I thank God everyday that someone so beautiful was brought into my life and now I get to marry him."

If you would like to share your love story with us, please feel free to email me at with the subject, "Love Is Timeless."

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